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Legal We have some very, very good news for Europeans (which happens to include myself): we have the European Parliament on our sides when it comes to battling ACTA. If you may recall, ACTA is basically an attempt by the US to impose upon the rest of the world draconian measures like three strikes laws and the DMCA. All parties within the European Parliament have together put forth a resolution that would effectively tackle ACTA.
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by boldingd on Tue 9th Mar 2010 21:28 UTC in reply to "Comment by Laurence"
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Heh, that is the general problem, of which many OS News stories are but facets. What was originally intended to be a way to encourage innovation (amusingly) has been twisted into a way to extort a continuous revenue stream out of entire market segments. And because it's immensely profitable to do so, some very wealthy, very entrenched interests have taken to defending the practice through manipulation of the legal system. And they get away with it because the day-to-day affairs of regular citizens aren't affected (in a way they can feel) by the messed-up system, and so don't demand a fix for it -- i.e. "patent reform" doesn't make it into most people's Top 20 List of Problems the Government Should Fix.

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