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Legal We have some very, very good news for Europeans (which happens to include myself): we have the European Parliament on our sides when it comes to battling ACTA. If you may recall, ACTA is basically an attempt by the US to impose upon the rest of the world draconian measures like three strikes laws and the DMCA. All parties within the European Parliament have together put forth a resolution that would effectively tackle ACTA.
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That is a seriously warped world-view. The whole reason that most EU states get away with not having much of an army of their own is because the U.S. -- they guys with the biggest military of any single nation on Earth -- is guaranteeing their security from outside threats for them. Our military is a benefit for you, not a threat. The whole reason, for example, that Japan can be right next to China, with the history they have an tension between those states that exists, and not have a standing army is because the U.S. has kindly pledged our own military to their defence! Not to mention that it's pretty much nothing short of ridiculous to try to claim that military competition enters into US/EU trade negotiations. "

Europe can defend itself without America and even against America if that will be the case. We got our own nukes, aircraft carriers and the rest of toys, so we don't need America to defend us. We don't need NATO. Many of us don't approve what US stooges like Blair have done: invading Irak and Afganistan for N O T H I N G.

You are crying on the wrong shoulders.

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1). I'm not crying on anyone's shoulders.

2). This was the pertinent part of that post:

Our military is a benefit for you, not a threat.

Seriously. Really. You have your own military. I know. The U.S. is not competing with Europe, militarily. The U.S. is not using it's military to threaten Europe into accepting the ACTA. That was my point. The U.S. aren't the bad guys at the ACTA. The RIAA et. al. are. And they are not the U.S. government, or a representative body of its citizenry.

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