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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm has released the PDK for the webOS, which allows developers to code in C and C++, while also providing access to, for instance, the 3D chip. "The PDK complements the Palm webOS Software Development Kit, letting developers use C and C++ alongside the web technologies that power the SDK and mix them seamlessly within a single app. The PDK enables new functionality, including immersive 3D graphics, and gives developers who have built games for other platforms an easy way to bring their titles to the webOS platform. Developers can download the beta PDK and start developing today, but distribution of games built with the beta PDK will require functionality provided in an upcoming Palm webOS update."
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RE: just in time
by roar on Wed 10th Mar 2010 16:59 UTC in reply to "just in time"
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It was announced a long time ago that they will release it early march in time for the GDC.

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RE[2]: just in time
by MobyTurbo on Wed 10th Mar 2010 22:43 in reply to "RE: just in time"
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True, maybe the day-after Android stuff is a coincidence, but it's an interesting one. Perhaps it was Google that was the one doing the timing of their release to coincide with a competitor, they did that around CES...

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