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In the News Earlier this week, it was time for the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM, to announce the winner of the 2009 Turing Award, one of the more prestigious prices in the computing industry. The award was awarded to Charles P. Thacker; a name you might not recognise, but certainly one that has influenced the world of computing a great deal.
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Comment by Berend de Boer
by Berend de Boer on Thu 11th Mar 2010 20:03 UTC
Berend de Boer
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Tom: Turing Award, one of the more prestigious prices.

That's news! Please name an equally or more prestigious price in the field of computers.

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RE: Comment by Berend de Boer
by sakeniwefu on Fri 12th Mar 2010 03:35 in reply to "Comment by Berend de Boer"
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Seriously, he says the "more prestigious", this means more prestigious than the last prize mentioned.
Which if I remember correctly is the Nobel Peace Prize (to be awarded to Linux Torvalds).
I think we can all agree with Thom.

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