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Benchmarks Common wisdom has it that Flash is a resource hog, and that HTML5 will prevent your processor from having to work really, really hard to show animations of videos. Well, a number of people have conducted benchmarks with the latest browsers and Flash betas, and common wisdom is starting to show serious signs of crackage.
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Linux graphic stack is not a mess
by stephaner on Thu 11th Mar 2010 23:33 UTC
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Gnash project already supports hardware video decoding on Intel, ATI, and NVIDIA hardware using libvaapi on Linux so why Flash player isn't able to do that?

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cb88 Member since:

because the gnash developers are geniuses :-) ? seriously though flash is hurtful to the web espcially on non x86 platforms and the OSes non "blessed" by adobe

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guiodic Member since:

Linux' video and graphics stack is a mess only for adobe developers.
Adobe Flash plugin does not use any kind of acceleration, even xv... should be simple to use xvideo, but they have no time to implement it.
Open source developers, on the other hand, use vdpau, libva, xvideo, xvmc.
I hope html5 will *kill* flash and its poisonous plugin.

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The only problem I see is that GFX cards do not offer a uniform API like USB and Bluetooth. One generic OS driver should exist targetting them uniformly. the driver could query the device for capabilities set properties and do its thing. No blobs, only OS specific open specced driver. Then things would improve dramtically for all Open source OSes. MS does this but using wrappers to hide HW non-uniformity. I think that the stack should be generic and see all GFX uniformly at the HW level wether it is Silicon Motion , ATI Power VR or whatever. Then GFX content could be commonplace. We are in 2010 with all the tech, why don't they do it?
The same should hold for all the devices, like printers mpeg accelerators webcams and all that stuff.

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I so totally agree, Guiodic! If I could mod you up a 1000 points I'd do so gladly. Flash NEEDS to die a quick & ugly death!

- Windows 7 user here using Chrome with HTML5 on YouTube. No problems with CPU usage whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it's running a lot *smoother* than GPU-accelerated Flash!

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