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Benchmarks Common wisdom has it that Flash is a resource hog, and that HTML5 will prevent your processor from having to work really, really hard to show animations of videos. Well, a number of people have conducted benchmarks with the latest browsers and Flash betas, and common wisdom is starting to show serious signs of crackage.
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Well you are performing apple to oranges :)
by baryluk on Fri 12th Mar 2010 02:16 UTC
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You are comparing accelerated flash to nonaccelerated HTML5. You forgot that javascript is still going faster (lastly in Opera). HTML5 have native video tag which is pretty fast but it still only accelerate only scalling and color conversion. Decoding in most situations are completly CPU side. On linux there is currently XvMC (which is working only with MPEG2 currently), and VDAPU by nVidia which are gaining momentum, and this can be accelerated. Things like vector graphics are still done mostly on CPU, only some really simple things like solid vertical lines are sometimes done on GPU by X11 server.
Even VEGA in Opera is currently completly software restarizer (and it is ultra fast!). But VEGA will be ported to OpenVG/GL, and then it will only become faster! (OpenVG is already partially supported in Gallium drivers). So for example scaling, rotating image, chaning transulency, drawing on canvas of primitives will be done mostly by GPU!

What is most annoying about Flash is that it is separate component from the browser, integration isn't so nice and smooth with other components (i.e. images, or SVG) on the page. It also eats lots of additionall memory. It also starts pretty slowly, and adds addtionall point of failure. All this make Flash pretty bad, especially for older hardware. Even input handling with Flash is problematic becuase it steals keyboard focus and sometimes mouse scroll is also not working when cursor is over flash content.

And last important thing pages written in flash are practically impossible to index properly or adress by search engines.

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