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In the News And thus, our true colours reveal. Since Obama was the young newcomer, technically savvy, many of us were hoping that he might support patent and/or copyright reform. In case our story earlier on this subject didn't already tip you off, this certainly will: Obama has sided squarely with the RIAA/MPAA lobby, and backs ACTA. No copyright and/or patent reform for you, American citizens!
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The US is chasing global copyright enforcement because content and intellectual property are the only things we have left to sell.

As a country we have made a decision to sell off all of our manufacturing and much of our services to offshore providers that will allow stockholders in our stub corporations to make fatter profits, and our consumers to buy more meaningless crap for less money.

So if we're not building any goods that anyone wants, and we're not providing any services that anyone can't buy for less than they can get it in other countries, the ONLY thing left for us to sell is mp3s and movies.

If the US doesn't force these draconian treaties on our trading partners while the American consumer still has *some* purchasing power, they sure won't be able to do it when Americans have no money left to buy internationally produced goods.

I think President Obama is faced with trying to find *some kind* of income for the US before we have nothing left to sell.

Personally, I think it's a futile effort. A treaty that requires the kind of enforcement efforts and penalties that copyright law would require is going to fail. You really can't make people buy stuff just because you want them to. You have to make them WANT to buy stuff, which is much harder, and something that I don't think American corporate culture knows how to do anymore (aside from a few exceptions)

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The US is chasing global copyright enforcement because content and intellectual property are the only things we have left to sell.

I don't want any American Intellectual Property at that price.

Fortunately, I can legally install excellent and fully functional desktop and server software, at zero cost, I can purchase all consumer electronics gadgets from places like Japan, Asia and China, Americans don't play Aussie rules football nor cricket, Americans don't report Australian news and current affairs, and the entire world is full of actors and singers.

American's aren't the only people with saleable products of intellect.

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Many Americans have drawn the same conclusions as you have. That is one of the reasons for our economic decline.

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