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Legal It's no secret to anyone that while Apple sued HTC, the lawsuit is more about Google than HTC itself. Since Android is open source, and owned by no one, it's kind of hard to go after Google itself, and as such, HTC was the prime target, since it is the number one Android smartphone maker. The New York Times has an in-depth article up about the subject, with a whole boatload of quotes from people within the two companies, and it paints a picture of all this being a highly emotional and personal vendetta - especially from Apple's side.
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RE[4]: The App-Starter...
by r_a_trip on Mon 15th Mar 2010 09:56 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The App-Starter..."
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I'll leave the ethical questions up to others, but...

Who is doing the technical support? If his wife is self-sufficient with a Mac, leave well alone. Politics can kill a relationship.

If she is dependent on her better/lesser half for tech support...

When I have to be the helpdesk, the second line tech support, the system builder and I can't dodge it because of blood ties, I'll try my very best to get them to accept the stuff I can and am willing to support. (Yes, I'm a mini Apple in that respect). They are free to forego my offer, but I'm very clear to them that I'm not the maid they can call in to clean up the mess, when (not if) they screw up.

When it comes to Apple. It's not on my radar as an option. While it may look ideal for a non-tech user to have an overlord deciding what is and isn't good for them, sooner or later they will find themselves on the short end of a decision. That is the price you ultimately have to pay when you opt for a little safety and convenience over freedom.

Seems hypocricital? When I exert such force too? Well, if you opt to stay ignorant of the workings of the devices you use, you will have to outsource your maintenance. One way or another, you'll have to pay the piper. At least with me, if I take on your case, it'll cost you very little. With Apple you'll pay handsomely to be owned.

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RE[5]: The App-Starter...
by neitileple on Mon 15th Mar 2010 12:57 in reply to "RE[4]: The App-Starter..."
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My wife is very competent, she manages her pc and programs and OS herself. Both on Windows and her Mac.

I (mis)guided her into this Apple-mess, and I will do my best to help her out of this... Before we met she was Windows only and she didn't want Apple. And she found many shortcomings with the MacOS. (They are still there.)

I am the one suffering, paying thousands when she wants the new this and that...

Why did I have two iPhones before I understood how bad it was? you might ask.

Well, actually I hated my first iPhone already after a few months, and wanted an Android then, but I bought my wife's old iPhone so she could buy the new 3GS. So I lived with the "new" iPhone 3G for another year, never doing a single complain, no hints/sour comments or anything.

Of'Course. Why should I let it sour my relationship with her? No way... I didn't do this gladly, but I did i for her with no comments attached. (Apple is just a small crap company... Soon I'm very much over it and will not even think about Apple. Soon I have the HTC Desire! But I will air my frustrations here once and then go on.)

Er det ikke deilig å ha noen å hate? - Doesn't it feel great to have someone to hate? ;)

But this time i ordered Android-phone. And I will leave the muddy Apple-fields for good.

And if someone wonder how I could afford to give away two iPhones? I could afford to throw them, if I was single. ;) I gave the last one away half a year ago and I used a W910i which is a wonderful phone... while saving money to cash for an Android phone. And there were no 1GHz phones available in my country, so I had to wait for it to come to my country... The W910i can multitask between browser, games, other programs at the same time. It has FANTASTIC sync-functionality. It has GPS. It can run Google Maps. It has accelerometer, light sensor so it dims the screen a bit if it is dark in the room, or brighten if it's sunny, etc.

I can connect the W910i to a Win/Lin or even Mac computer, and I can get the phone memory and mediacard up as external harddisks in any of the OS'es. I have full access and full control over everything on my phone. This is the only reason I would have needed to Switch. Sync on iPhone sucks...

And the physical buttons are great when doing games, etc.

The only thing I miss with the W910i is a bigger/different keyboard and that it should play all youtube/crunchyroll videos, support flash, Word-documents, etc.

If you go to (or on your phone) and you see how much your small phone can do:
There are over 4000 apps available for the W910i, and for tons of other phones,too.

-OPERA Mini 5 for surfing.
-Google Maps (and MokBee World) for maps/gps.
-Snaptu for Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, YOUTUBE, etc.
-Facebook app.
-Lots of games.
-Libris for reading eBooks (from for example.)

When I saw what the small SE W910i could do, iPhone's "bright glory" faded to a dim mist of stealing...

Then I really saw that the iPhone was built on others work, and was made by buying up other companies to get in touch, or should I say "in multitouch", with evolution. (And not revolution, as many people think.)

Yes I have mentioned it to my wife, if maybe I should buy a Windows laptop for her next time? She said, noooo... But after a second she smiled and said just like Teodor (a Norwegian kind of Winnie the Pooh,): Ja, takk. Begge deler! - Yes, thanks, Both! ;)

Edit: removed ) at end.

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RE[5]: The App-Starter...
by ricegf on Mon 15th Mar 2010 13:35 in reply to "RE[4]: The App-Starter..."
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Well, I've been a Linux enthusiast since around 2000 (bear with me - there's a point, and I'm getting back to iPhone and Android in a sec, I promise!). My wife switched to Linux in 2007.

I didn't push hard for her to switch from Windows XP. Rather, each time I provided "technical support", I just casually mentioned why I never had that problem. "Another crash lost your data? I'm sorry. No, my computer hasn't crashed yet this month - it's Linux." "You *might* have a virus, let's scan and see. No, I don't need to scan my computer, too - it's Linux."

She's been very happy with her Ubuntu laptop, especially not having to worry about accidentally opening a virus-laden email.

She's getting deeply into digital photography now, and beginning to cast longing eyes toward Adobe software not supported on Linux. We may need to reload her WinXP into a VirtualBox session for just that.

But that's fine. I'm tech support, not management. :-D

So. If you decide to encourage your loved ones to move from iPhone to a more open mobile device, I recommend the carrot rather than the stick. If it really *is* best for them, helping them make the right decision is far more valuable in so many ways than making the right decision *for* them.

The latter is Apple's philosophy. Kapish?

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RE[6]: The App-Starter...
by KMDF on Mon 15th Mar 2010 14:30 in reply to "RE[5]: The App-Starter..."
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//"Another crash lost your data? I'm sorry. No, my computer hasn't crashed yet this month - it's Linux." "You *might* have a virus, let's scan and see. No, I don't need to scan my computer, too - it's Linux.//

Funny ... my wife uses XP, and since I set it up properly for her, and gave her maybe three basic tips on using it ... she's never had a crash, nor a virus.

PEBKAC, I'd say, in your case.

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RE[6]: The App-Starter...
by mightshade on Wed 17th Mar 2010 18:46 in reply to "RE[5]: The App-Starter..."
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Rather, each time I provided "technical support", I just casually mentioned why I never had that problem. "Another crash lost your data? I'm sorry. No, my computer hasn't crashed yet this month - it's Linux." "You *might* have a virus, let's scan and see. No, I don't need to scan my computer, too - it's Linux."

Is this just your shortened re-telling? I think you did that in a much nicer way in real life.
Because, if you really had done it exactly the way you described, you would've come across as annoying. Perhaps even smug/trollish, you know what I mean. At least that's my experience with the people who thought they needed to "show me the carrot".

Anyway. What I want to add is, if you want to promote alternatives, don't overdo it.

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