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GNU, GPL, Open Source Today's mobile space is owned by the likes of Nokia, RIM, Apple, and Google. While some of these corporations have embraced some open source components, a full FLOSS solution has yet to gain traction. Why? Blogger Bradley M. Kuhn posts thoughtful analysis of the current state of Open Source in the mobile space.
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RE[3]: Design Thinking
by Laurence on Tue 16th Mar 2010 14:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Design Thinking"
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That's a unfunded affirmation. People want things to work. They want to work with technology, not work for techonology.

and that's where my point about usability comes into the equation.
The problem we have here is you have a too specific classification of just what 'usability' means'

Apple is loved not because of the desktop effects, it's because of simplicity, well defined goals and technology that helps people get their stuff done.

There's much much more to Apple's success than simplicity alone.
There's the fact that some people are fed up with Windows and Apple is the next biggest commertial platform.
There's the fact their their marketing is second to none.
The fact that to many people Apple are bordering on a religion.

But let's also not over state Apples success - they're still only a tiny fraction of the overall desktop market share.

Thus if you're point was as clear cut as you imply, then OS X would be out selling Win7 (despite Win7 also having desktop effects).

This mentality of users want eye candy must stop. Eye candy without purpose just get in people's way. But if used to improve familiarity and fluidness on interfaces they can bring great value.

I agree, but we are geeks.
At risk of stereotyping, You ask an average girl if she prefers an ugly phone that has 2x the battery life, 2x the processing speed and is easier to use, she'll usually go for the phone that's the same price but half the spec and usability because it is pretty and pink.

If "normal" people really cared more about intelligence over beauty then celebrity culture wouldn't be so big. Countdown would get more viewers than Britain's Next Top Model and so on.
Obviously I'm making somewhat extreme examples, but the point I'm making is most devices work "good enough" already that most normal people with money to burn will spend on the better looking products.

Heck, I bet even you have at least once thought "that looks sexy" at one piece of impractical hardware.

You can't change human desire. Rightly or wrongly most people only care about what they can see and touch. The rest is left for the geeks to discuss.

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