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Internet Explorer As predicted, more Microsoft news from MIX10, and this is some big stuff: Internet Explorer 9. As we all know, Microsoft really let Internet Explorer rot away, allowing competitors to make much better browsers with better standards compliance and performance. With IE9, Microsoft is aiming to not just close that gap - but to overtake the competition. Update: Ars has an in-depth look at the platform preview.
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RE: Not actually new...
by kaiwai on Tue 16th Mar 2010 22:07 UTC in reply to "Not actually new..."
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"A hot iron is obviously standards compliance, and it appears that Microsoft has finally learnt its lesson with this one."

This is just the cycle of "embrace, extend, exterminate" that is typical of MS. I'm not saying this is either good or bad, as I believe it has led to both.

I simply don't see them doing it because they've come to a realisation; HTML5 isn't a threat to them because ultimately people who want to use Silverlight will use it, just as those who want to use HTML5 will use HTML5. They provide development tools for both types of developers and they come out winners at the other end. So it isn't an all or nothing game, it isn't either all or HTML5 or all Silverlight.

For Silverlight, I find that the people it is being pitched to are those whom Adobe AIR is being pitched to; so expect to start seeing the VB applications gradually die out as they're replaced with Silverlight applications where the one application can be run on the desktop and hand held. A large corporation creating a nice database front end for employee's to access that is accessible via a desktop or via hand held WM7 devices without the need of any funky recompiling, refactoring, recoding etc.

The Microsoft of today, as ruthlessly competitive, is a totally different beast than it was 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. What I would love to see from Microsoft is Silverlight development tools for Mac - if we must have a platform like Silverlight, I would love to see Microsoft make it an open standard that is royalty free to implement and development tools for Windows and Mac.

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