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Legal Finally - after a few weeks, HTC has actually officially issued a statement regarding the patent infringement lawsuit Apple has thrown towards the Taiwanese phone maker. As you probably already anticipated, HTC states it will fully defend itself against Apple. It's on, it's on.
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RE: I would have liked to also see
by lemur2 on Fri 19th Mar 2010 01:21 UTC in reply to "I would have liked to also see"
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I know a great deal of the readers on this site don't like patents and think of any company that enforces them is the evil... but keep in mind that HTC will be using their patent portfolio as their defense. This means that any advocacy of one over the other in this case is simply fanboyism.

The fact that Apple has some patents granted by the USPTO most emphatically does not mean that this is Apples technology. Most places do not have software patents, it is only the US where this madness has got out of hand.

So I passionately disagree with you here. It is a perfectly valid response for anyone accused of "stealing" the technology that they have laboriously implemented in their products to respond with a patent retaliation of their own. Just because of an insane out-of-control madness in the USPTO does not mean there is any "justice" on Apple's part here.

In fact, I would encourage HTC to join the OIN and the Patent Commons organistations, and call in legal help from the Linux Foundation and from Google, and hit Apple with an absolute boatload of counter-claims.

Joining the OIN worked for TomTom. Microsoft's campaign against TomTom was history within a few days after TomTom joined the OIN.

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Well HTC are already a member of RPX so it would not make much sense to join an other group at this point.

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