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Legal Finally - after a few weeks, HTC has actually officially issued a statement regarding the patent infringement lawsuit Apple has thrown towards the Taiwanese phone maker. As you probably already anticipated, HTC states it will fully defend itself against Apple. It's on, it's on.
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RE: I would have liked to also see
by SReilly on Fri 19th Mar 2010 03:49 UTC in reply to "I would have liked to also see"
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I'm aware that what I'm about to say could be taken as offensive so vote me down but frankly, the following line...

... but keep in mind that HTC will be using their patent portfolio as their defense. This means that any advocacy of one over the other in this case is simply fanboyism.

...has got to be some of the fuzziest logic I've heard in a long time. Seriously, using patents to defend one's self in a patent lawsuit is not only completely understandable, even to people for whom software patents make no sense, but is desirable. I would like to see companies compete on the strength of their product portfolio. If one company starts using patents as a means of undermining this competition then hit them with all the patents you have because frankly they deserve to get a good kick in the fork.

HTC did not instigate this squabble even though Apple are the newcomer on the smart-phone scene. HTC where perfectly happy to compete on the basis of merit, something companies in the rest of the world have to do without the recourse of running to a court of law once their market share is being threatened.

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