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Internet & Networking Now that Internet Explorer 9 has been let out its cage, we all know a great deal more about Microsoft's position towards the video codec situation with the HTML5 video tag. Microsoft has chosen for H264, a codec it already includes in Windows by default anyway. This means that apart from Firefox and Opera, every other major browser will support H264. Some are seeing this as a reason for Mozilla to give in to their ideals and include support for H264 as well - I say: Mozilla, stick to your ideals. The last people you should be listening to in matters like this are web developers.
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RE[2]: hmm
by baryluk on Fri 19th Mar 2010 17:16 UTC in reply to "RE: hmm"
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Here's the thing.

Right now, H.264 is being used anyway, by Flash.

So, here's the options:

Keep using H.264 Flash and support everyone with one method - no effort required for this
Use H.264 <video> for Chrome, Safari, and IE9, and H.264 Flash for Firefox and Opera - very little effort required here
Use H.264 <video> for Chrome, Safari, and IE9, and if you use Firefox or Opera, tough luck - this will kill Firefox and Opera if someone like YouTube does this, and again, very little efford required here
Use H.264 <video> for Chrome, Safari, and IE9, and Theora <video> for Firefox and Opera - this will (approximately) double the storage requirements for video hosts, driving costs up significantly
Use Theora <video> for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and drop support for Safari and IE9 - not actually an option, because they still need to keep H.264 videos around for mobile devices that can't grok Theora


Use <video> for ALL browsers, even this which doesn't support given codec or video tag at all! Then inside of video tag insert FLASH player for ALL browsers!

It is simpler, and it is actually much more robust, in case of browser changes, some less known browsers, updates, changes in the supported codecs, and is just RIGHT THING TO DO.

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