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Internet & Networking Now that Internet Explorer 9 has been let out its cage, we all know a great deal more about Microsoft's position towards the video codec situation with the HTML5 video tag. Microsoft has chosen for H264, a codec it already includes in Windows by default anyway. This means that apart from Firefox and Opera, every other major browser will support H264. Some are seeing this as a reason for Mozilla to give in to their ideals and include support for H264 as well - I say: Mozilla, stick to your ideals. The last people you should be listening to in matters like this are web developers.
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Theora is not Patents Free
by iwod on Sat 20th Mar 2010 02:06 UTC
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While they claim they are, it has yet been prove.

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RE: Theora is not Patents Free
by pgeorgi on Sat 20th Mar 2010 10:05 in reply to "Theora is not Patents Free"
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While they claim they are, it has yet been prove.

The main difference is that for h.264, there are several parties claiming 900 applicable patents (incl. Apple and Microsoft, which is a certain conflict of interests)

For Theora, there are 0 parties claiming 0 applicable patents so far.

What does that tell us?

1. Theora might be free from patents, h.264 isn't free from patents.

2. For both formats, there might be some additional party claiming to have applicable patents. I haven't seen a public statement by MPEG-LA that they indemnify licensees against patents of _other_ patent holders, and their licensing contracts aren't readily available.

What's the risk?
With h.264: That 2015 they cash in on their 900 patents and that some additional party might pop up (maybe tomorrow) and demand money

With Theora: that someone appears with claims due to a patent (who didn't want to cash in on the patent with On2 already)

So they share a common risk, while h.264 has an additional risk.

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