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GTK+ Imendio announced that it has been working on a port of native Gtk+ for Mac OS X.
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The toolkit doens't have anything to do with the dropshadows, that's done by the windowing system. If you look at the screenshots, the GTK windows do have dropshadows:

As for "more graphically sophisticated", I'm not sure what that means, but Cairo gives you features comparable to Quartz.

So isn't this a step BACKWARD for that platform?

You don't have to use it, but GTK opens the door to making more native-looking ports of Free Software. For whatever reason, there doesn't seem to be a lot of native Free Software.

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"You don't have to use it, but GTK opens the door to making more native-looking ports of Free Software."

wxWidgets does a far better job at that than GTK does. On Win32 GTK does not look native even with Wimp, and some controls do not exhibit native behavior either.

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In my experience wx apps look fairly broken in either environment.

Bear in mind that on linux the most widespread wxGTK libs are still tied to gtk1.x (no aliasing, no modern themes, no nothing), because wxGTK2 is still very buggy.

Besides, wx apps for the sake of "same code everywhere" do not use most of the things that make a gtk2 app good: no sizers (fixed size app, just like your average VB6 app), no native fileselector, dropdown and combos custom made and very strange, etc.

I use aMule (for example), but it is absolutely ugly.

Not to mention that writing an app in python+gtk is a lot easier.

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