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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Mobile software company Myriad Group announced J2Android, which will make it possible for Java-based mobile applications to run on Android-based phones, the company said on Monday. The J2Android tool converts existing Java applications, including games, to run on Dalvik, which is the virtual machine used on all Android devices. Besides converting the application, J2Android will let the application be rescaled to fit the screen of the Android device, according to Simon Wilkinson, CEO at Myriad. It can also add softkeys, if the original application was developed for phones with a numerical keypad, Wilkinson said."
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android should support j2me
by r0b0 on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 08:02 UTC
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I always wondered why android doesn't provide a J2ME stack out of the box. It shouldn't be such a big task, right?

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Not so easy actually.
1) The java virtual machine on Android is nothing like the standard one (both binary code and principle). A new virtual machine needs to be created, just adding interfaces for J2ME is not enough.
2) J2ME implementations are not opensource, so google has two choices: create its own opensource variant or relicense a commercial one (no source code).

There is a possibility: add J2ME interfaces for android and recompile (or translate) the applications (on the fly, at install time, on first use...).

Another problem is how android handles the files in high level. For what I know (I don't have android), it doesn't expose the file system, but offers a kind of services framework where apps can register for a type of file (existing types like photos, or new ones like pdf or whatever the app uses).
This is not a technical problem, because you can use native development kit to access the file system, but it is a usability (consistency) problem.

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Anyway, could the J2SE OpenJDK's implementation be "technically" recompiled to run on top of Dalvik VM?

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