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Opera Software Think of Opera what you want, but those Norwegian guys and girls know how to get publicity. The company has announced it has submitted Opera Mini to the iPhone's App Store, and it has launched a website with a count-up timer, following how long it will take Apple to approve it - if at all, of course.
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Not quite. The rendering etc is done server-side, but there's still a minimal local interpreter because it needs to be able to intercept javascript events and act on them.

I don't know if I'd call that an interpreter per se. I mean, Apple can bend their rules however they want. But associating a region on the screen with a URL, and processing the URL when the screen region is touched, is pretty well stretching it.

There are many apps that go to URLs when you tap something. That's all this would do.

How is that different than touching an picture in iPod and having it flip over to show the song list? Or clicking on an persons name and having the system download pertinent details from the network and displaying them. It's a reaction to an event.

Again, by the thinnest, weakest definition, yes, it's an interpreter, but at this level all applications are interpreters.

Whatever it is, no matter how it's implemented, it's a far cry from any kind of "general purpose" interpreter, that's for sure.

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