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Opera Software Think of Opera what you want, but those Norwegian guys and girls know how to get publicity. The company has announced it has submitted Opera Mini to the iPhone's App Store, and it has launched a website with a count-up timer, following how long it will take Apple to approve it - if at all, of course.
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RE: Interpreted on the server?
by HappyGod on Wed 24th Mar 2010 00:55 UTC in reply to "Interpreted on the server?"
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can someone just comment on this?

"This also happens to be the reason why Opera Mini may be approved where other browsers weren't: since no code is being interpreted (it's all done server-side),"

Does this mean that the whole HTML interpretation and rendering is performed on the server side and the client app is nothing but an image viewer (to say it that way)? I couldn't believe that this would be faster than Safari which runs natively.


Yes, that's correct. And you're right in some situations, it could actually be a whole lot slower, depending on how it's implemented.

If you're looking at a fairly static page, like news pages, then Opera will rip along (which is probably why they selected a news page for their demo).

If on the other hand you looking at a dynamic javascript/JQuery heavy page, like Facebook or online booking forms etc. then this will run like crap, (unless they have built in a local js engine as well).

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