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FreeBSD The FreeBSD team has released FreeBSD 7.3, the fourth release of the 7-STABLE branch. There will be one more release in this branch, but at this point, most developers are already working on the 8-STABLE branch. FreeBSD 7.3 focusses on bug fixes, but has a few new features as well.
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Linux is the kernel and FreeBSD is the kernel plus base userland and a much more unified and integrated "system", plus it hasn't splintered into a bajillion little pieces like the Linux distros have. Many argue this is a good thing, but I counter that in the end it hurts the end user.

It also works against admins as well. I don't like how Linus & co can send kernel changes downstream that can break working hardware. Contrary to popular belief Linus & co are not trying to design a kernel for server use. It's a general purpose hobby kernel to them. If their changes break your system well then too bad, go fix it. That has been their attitude while the FreeBSD developers have been more focused on providing a stable system. I also trust the port system in FreeBSD over any package manager.

Yes I know about LTS releases but that is a poor solution, especially with all the inter-dependencies that exist in Linux. Too much crap gets written on top of other crap that requires a specific kernel so companies end up staying with old software which is a security compromise.

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