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Opera Software Think of Opera what you want, but those Norwegian guys and girls know how to get publicity. The company has announced it has submitted Opera Mini to the iPhone's App Store, and it has launched a website with a count-up timer, following how long it will take Apple to approve it - if at all, of course.
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What's broken about 5.0? It seems to work OK here.

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What's broken about 5.0? It seems to work OK here.

For one, the GUI is broken so that the soft key labels don't show up until you press the keys, just like 4.0 did. They'll get it fixed. It's just good that they didn't move the key-function assignments.

I also can't edit an already set speed dial entry.

I've run into another 10 to 20 other small items and they'll all be fixed by version 5.2, I'm sure. I wish they'd take advantage of my full keyboard, though, and that just won't happen but they have the fullscreen edit option, thankfully, so I can input numbers, something that didn't work in version 4.2.

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What do you mean by soft key labels? Shortcuts? That doesn't sound very "broken" to me. More by design? Hardly warrants calling the UI "broken".

You can edit Speed Dials with a long-click.

So it doesn't sound like the UI is very broken to me.

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