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Windows So now that the hype machine has been filled with petrol and all fired up, running on all cylinders, what on earth is going to happen to Windows Mobile 6.5? The Next Best Thing has been announced and demoed extensively, the developer tools and emulator are out there, but devices aren't expected to ship until after the summer, probably around the holiday season. This means that Microsoft must still get phone makers to buy Windows Mobile 6.5.
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RE: I Use & Like WinMo 6.5
by TBPrince on Thu 25th Mar 2010 10:09 UTC in reply to "I Use & Like WinMo 6.5"
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I agree.

Windows Mobile followed path of Windows desktop and was designed with that path on mind. That would mean:

* do their best to support basically any kind of device which could be produced by phone makers;

* let user be free. No AppsStore: use what you want, from commercial software to home-grown one;

* let developers be free to do what they want: users will judge their job.

* only provide a basic OS: phone makers and even users will provide an extra layer for extra functionalities. Sbp software is a great example about that (I also run SBPShell on my Omnia phone upgraded to WM6.5 ;-) Xda-developers and Modaco forums are great!)

They now found out that business model is great for business market but, incredibly, it was TOO MUCH for consumers. Yeah, I really mean it.

If you look, Windows Phone is four steps behind "old" WM concept, that is :

* locked environment: Apps from AppStore only, no SD card, no native code, no m/t;

* fewer designs: competition only runs a few design (like Apple, for example) which should they be able to run ANY phone design ? That's a step behind, not forward.

* tighter control over platform: they claim it was for performance reasons but actually it was for money reasons.

* they won't rely on 3rd parties to provide enhancements to platform anymore: they will evolve the platform and 3rd parties will be able to "hook" into it.

They simple got aware they could switch to a different business model which meant less for users but more money for them. If competition does that and they make money, why should they provide a better design and be accused to live in the past ?

I repeat what I said: I'm with WM since 2003 but there won't be a Windows Phone in my future, the same way there won't be an iPhone.

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