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FreeBSD The FreeBSD team has released FreeBSD 7.3, the fourth release of the 7-STABLE branch. There will be one more release in this branch, but at this point, most developers are already working on the 8-STABLE branch. FreeBSD 7.3 focusses on bug fixes, but has a few new features as well.
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Comment by Oliver
by Oliver on Thu 25th Mar 2010 14:02 UTC
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FUD kills *BSD, hype drives Linux.

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RE: Comment by Oliver
by marcp on Thu 25th Mar 2010 17:18 in reply to "Comment by Oliver"
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D'oh! just don't respond to this FUD.
My *BSD boxes are perfectly OK and it keeps going like that since uhm, I don't know - 5 years?
I think most of the *BSD users don't care about the FUDs, flame wars and other timewasters. It's good for kids though

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RE: Comment by Oliver
by Johann Chua on Fri 26th Mar 2010 22:06 in reply to "Comment by Oliver"
Johann Chua Member since:

Says the FUD-monger.

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RE[2]: Comment by Oliver
by Oliver on Sat 27th Mar 2010 17:58 in reply to "RE: Comment by Oliver"
Oliver Member since:

A FUD-monger? Vice versa, what should I call you? A Linux zealot? Unable to understand what's going on, wha't you're talking about? It's a possession for most Linux users to bad-mouth anything different than Linux. And if the don't have some topic ready, they virtually kill each other in some distro-war. BSD is dying. Do you know this saying? It's a mockery on those zealots (especially on Slashdot). Try to turn your childish hate into something useful. I don't have a problem with Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Be happy ... I'm a happy Slacker since the 90s, I'm using MacOS X once in a while and I'm proud to use FreeBSD :-)

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