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Opera Software Think of Opera what you want, but those Norwegian guys and girls know how to get publicity. The company has announced it has submitted Opera Mini to the iPhone's App Store, and it has launched a website with a count-up timer, following how long it will take Apple to approve it - if at all, of course.
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I'd love to know which exact nether region you're pulling those stats out of.

Not stats. The actual number of desktop users, as reported by Opera Software to its investors (which is also public information). This is confirmed by their desktop revenue (which is also public information)

Perhaps their presence in the mobile market is quite high, but consider that in some of those use cases Opera is the only option available for the platform.

Yeah, except the 50 million Opera Mini users are only the ones who use a version they downloaded directly from Opera. Preinstalled versions are not counted in those numbers.

So again: 50 million active desktop users who installed it themselves, plus 50 million Opera Mini users who installed it themselves. That's 100 million users, not counting all bundled and preinstalled versions.

"How did Opera sabotage adblocking?

Just read the Opera Forums! The subject has come up endlessly and the Opera developers simply refused to add adblocking capabilities to their application.
How does not adding feature A mean that they are sabotaging anything?

By the way, Firefox doesn't have ad blocking either. You need to install third party software for that (AdBlock).

And you can use third party software for ad blocking in Opera too.

The worse offender was when a third party developer was working on a utility that would do Filterset G type blocking and the Opera developers started changing the APIs on him.

What APIs? Opera doesn't have an extensions API. Fail.

Simple. People who came to Opera asking for features were told no. When they informed Opera that Firefox had those features, Opera told them to use Firefox. They did.

Now you are making stuff up again. Opera never told them anything of the sorts.

And you just ignored the part where I explained that Opera's user base has been more than doubling every two years, and Opera's desktop revenue is growing as well.

So how does a growing user base and growing revenue "spell end"?

"What former position? Opera never held a dominant position. In fact, Opera is stronger today than it has ever been.

Really? Then why is there such a stench of desperation about them? Why do I constantly see "Opera invented XYZ first" in any thread about Firefox on most tech sites?
So because Opera users point out Opera's leading role in browser features, that means the company is "desperate"? Your amazing logic strikes again!

Opera is only the dominant mobile browser so long as there is no competition?

You mean like Safari, Chrome, Skyfire, Bolt, Netfront, Iris Browser, and all the other mobile browsers out there?

Of course you could argue that since Opera only reflows everything from their private servers and doesn't actually render pages on the device itself it doesn't really meet the requirements to be called a web browser...

Now you are just getting desperate. And what you are describing is Opera Mini. Opera Mobile is a full, standalone browser like Safari and Chrome.

As for speed? I remember the old days when Opera really was the fastest browser on Earth. These days that's debatable.

Not really.

Besides it stopped being about browser start up speed a long time ago; now the key is being able to customize your browsing experience.

Aha? Opera allows you to customize just about anything without having to install third party software (extensions). Thanks for pointing that out ;)

Heh. No need sonny. You see I remember it because I was there. Not my fault if webrot and a little phenomena called "the victor writes the history books" takes place and Johnny-Come-Latelys such as yourself miss it.

If you were there, you were evidently asleep or high on some strong drugs the whole time. Anyone who actually paid attention wouldn't be spouting the illogical nonsense you are in this thread.

But back to the actual discussion:

1. How does a growing user base and growing revenue "spell end"?

2. What former position? Opera has more users now than they have ever had. The user base started growing when they removed the ads about 4 years ago.

3. Opera is the dominant mobile browser. How does that make it "what Palm is to PDAs"?

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