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GTK+ Imendio announced that it has been working on a port of native Gtk+ for Mac OS X.
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Get a Grip
by on Fri 7th Oct 2005 10:49 UTC

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I can't believe the ridiculous amount of hatred for a possible GTK port. You know what, It does not stop people programming in Cocoa, or Carbon, and believe it or not you donít have to use software written with it if you donít want to. This will bring a few quality apps to OSX from Linux that would never get ported from the platform otherwise. It gives developers another cross platform option which will help bring software to OSX. I imagine with a decent theme, a bit of care and consideration you and easily write GTK based software to Apples HIG

Talking about the HIG, when itís a choice between not having a program what I want to use that follows the HIG and not having the software Iíll take the former every time.

Fainally, for those saying it looks just like windows, please consult your optician and look at

to see what a default cocoa button actually looks like, Iíll give you a preview, in is not lozenge shaped!

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