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Linux At least two major GNU/Linux distributions have decided to drop PowerPC support; OpenSUSE has dropped support already, and Fedora is going to drop it in Fedora 13.
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Linux != Ubuntu
by Junius on Sun 28th Mar 2010 23:01 UTC
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I apologise if this sounds petty and pedantic but the title of this article seems to imply something other than the reality.

Last time I checked the GNU/Linux ecosystem did not consist solely of OpenSuSE, Ubuntu & Fedora; as has already been said these are distros aimed at the average desktop user and the average desktop today just isn't powered by powerpc; sad? Maybe - true? Definitely.

Does this stop projects like YDL from going forward using GNU/Linux though? Does it stop Debian from supporting everything from my pimped out PPC A1200 to my nice new shiny sam440 flex? Not that I can see.

These days every news story I read about Linux seems to assume that all Linux distros exist only to challenge the supremacy of Windows et al in some kind of epic David & Goliath type struggle. Just because a few of the big boys are ditching PPC doesn't mean that GNU/Linux as a whole is.

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RE: Linux != Ubuntu
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 28th Mar 2010 23:03 in reply to "Linux != Ubuntu"
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Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Fedora (and Mandriva) do make up most of this landscape, whether you like it or not. Seeing as headline space is limited, this is a perfectly acceptable compromise.

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RE[2]: Linux != Ubuntu
by Junius on Sun 28th Mar 2010 23:14 in reply to "RE: Linux != Ubuntu"
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I was actually talking more about the general perception of Linux these days and how it isn't really an accurate portrayal if you look at GNU/Linux holistically. I wasn't criticising your editorial decisions; if anything the title was just a convenient embodiment of the idea I was trying to present.

Perhaps I should have been clearer?

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RE: Linux != Ubuntu
by clhodapp on Sun 28th Mar 2010 23:10 in reply to "Linux != Ubuntu"
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The title seems fine. It doesn't say that all GNU/Linux distros are dropping PPC support. When you don't spec it is an implied existential statement, so the fully explicit version would be "There Exist Some GNU/Linux Distros That (Will) Have Silently Drop(ped) PPC Support" (allowing for the tense ambiguity that comes from the desire for short headlines). Also, the author states that Ubuntu is an exception to the described trend since they dropped PPC support but not silently.

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RE[2]: Linux != Ubuntu
by jack_perry on Mon 29th Mar 2010 00:05 in reply to "RE: Linux != Ubuntu"
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To the contrary, if you don't say then most people assume "all", or at least "in general", and not "some". Think about the phrase: "I love babies!" The speaker certainly does *not* mean that (s)he loves only a few, but that given an arbitrary baby, (s)he loves it.

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