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Linux At least two major GNU/Linux distributions have decided to drop PowerPC support; OpenSUSE has dropped support already, and Fedora is going to drop it in Fedora 13.
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Part of the problem with PPC is how many people have working PPC systems. PS3 was the major home PPC system that people had and it was not great.

Really the drop of PPC is bad news for the PPC chip.

Well the problem with the PS3 is that Sony never released the full specifications to allow full hardware acceleration; so other than creating a nice beowolf cluster, it was never suitable for anything other than a hobby system. Then again, this is Sony we're talking about who creates stupid bits of technology; the blutooth alternative that used more power, over a shorter distance etc. it was a bag of inferiority and yet Sony still tried to push it. Then there is BetaMax, their proprietary memory stick format, ATRAC3plus format was a weird proprietary format never fully enhanced, the minidisc format that could have gone places but kept proprietary. The fact that Linux on PS3 did not amount to much isn't a surprise to cynics like myself who could smell epic fail from a mile away.

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