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Games The PlayStation 3 Slim already had an ability penalty of -35 Geekiness because of its lack of the "Install Other OS" option, and now the regular PlayStation 3 will follow in its footsteps. A PS3 firmware update, scheduled to land April 1, will disable this option on regular PS3s as well. This, dear readers, is what we in the business call a "testicle move", especially since only a few weeks ago, Sony bold-facedly claimed the feature would not be removed.
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It's also fueled to some degree by completely unbalanced statistics. When gaming consoles are compared, the hardware sales and game sales are combined into that Wii X$, PS3 X$ figures. When they include the data for gaming on PC, they count only the game sales ignoring the game related hardware sales (as if someone buys 200$ of GPU not to game). As a result, the "market share" figures that come out show PC gaming in a woe-full state.

I can't take the copyright infringement claims seriously as soon as the "piracy" buzzword is involved. Copyright infringement is not justifiable by the way they fight it currently is ineffective to the point of only promoting more use of cracked versions. The term is also rarely used by someone who has either a true sense of it's meaning or desire to discuss copyright without fear tactics.

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The word piracy has common meaning and the context is in this case is very clear. It you don't like a word's definition then take it up with webster.

PC game sales overall are up due to MMOs and casual games but big budget single player games have been moving to consoles.

John Carmack: PC Sales Aren't What They Used To Be

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I gotta say, I was very happy to see articles like this hit the news last week. I've been saying as much for a long while now "piracy" is a word used to scare up negative connotations and sell policy based on fear. It also has the unwanted effect now of romanticizing copyright infringement; it's so cool to be dark and evil after all. If someone wants to talk seriously about copyright infringement, they can use the correct terms. The moment someone starts talking "pirates" they're selling something.

"piracy" is akin to "terrorists" and "hackers" in terms of marketing words used to push a fear sell rather than a greed sell for getting any old crap policy approved rather than delivering an honest solution to the real problem. Oh.. won't anyone think of the children.. when signing this next bill or strategy document.

Crippling the PS3 isn't going to reduce copyright infringement. It's only going to piss off existing customers, scare of future customers and justify some executive's bonus based on his/her shortsighted goals before the next promotion and "look at me" shortsighted objective.

A nice opinion piece on PC gaming for you also. Honestly, the console is probably my lease preferred gaming platform due to the type of games that can make good use of limiting controllers. A mouse and keyboard stomps all over that from a user input perspective and that includes the 2D fight games compared between console and PC versions. But, that's just my individual opinion. Dragon Age would be agonizing for me on console but with a Windows native build, I'm wishing they had more extra content to suck money out of my pocket. It's not that PC gaming is dying but rather that it's being ignored by the providers.

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