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KDE "KDE has released a new version of the KDE Software Compilation. This month's edition of KDE SC is a bugfix and translation update to KDE SC 4.4. KDE SC 4.4.2 is a recommended upgrade for everyone running KDE SC 4.4.1 or earlier versions. As the release only contains bugfixes and translation updates, it will be a safe and pleasant update for everyone. Users around the world will appreciate that KDE SC 4.4.2 multi-language support is more complete. KDE SC 4 is already translated into more than 50 languages, with more to come." Impromptu poll: Windows Phone 7 Series or KDE Software Compilation 4.4: which of the two rolls off the tongue the worst?
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RE[2]: Damn you Debian!!
by lemur2 on Wed 31st Mar 2010 10:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Damn you Debian!!"
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"Debian still has not updated from 4.3. They used to be good about getting the updates into unstable, but that has fallen off recently. I was thinking of reinstalling a 64-bit OS, so perhaps I'll go Kubuntu next month.

I'd recommend giving Arch a try first.
Having used Kubuntu in the past, Arch is streets ahead.

However Arch does require more set up time and a willingness to dip into the command line - so it's clearly not aimed at everyone.
But if you give it a bash first then at least you know you have Kubuntu as fallback

Chakra is a way to have Arch without having to dip into the command line.

Chakra setup is entirely similar to Kubuntu. Shaman2 is a GUI for the pacman package manager system.

I haven't yet tried this latest Panora (Alpha 5) version, but previous results have been good.

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RE[3]: Damn you Debian!!
by Laurence on Wed 31st Mar 2010 14:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Damn you Debian!!"
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I deliberately avoided recommending Chakra because I found it very very buggy. Not a patch on an Arch system personally built.

This isn't criticism against Chakra as it's clearly advertised as Alpha software and does preform well taking that into account.

However if you want a bug free (read: reasonably bug free - all OSs have bugs) Arch desktop, then building it yourself is the best way to go.

Disclaimer: at least that's my experience anyway. Maybe Chakra worked better for you.

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