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Apple With the release day of the iPad fast approaching, it's time for the usual lucky few to shine their lights on Apple's new device. As usual, these first-hand reviews by blogging heavyweights are incredibly positive (with a few notable exceptions), and if they are correct in their predictions, then the iPad will change everything in computing.
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You consume...
by ebasconp on Thu 1st Apr 2010 14:38 UTC
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About what you are saying in your text: "you consume, you do not create"....

What is funny and magical and special about computers is that you can create new things using them: you can "teach" your computer to do something that it was not able to do before... and that is where its power resides.... but... the iPad turns that kind of beauty into nothing... into just a nice user interface with no brain inside... that's spooky!

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RE: You consume...
by google_ninja on Thu 1st Apr 2010 16:09 in reply to "You consume..."
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The obvious way this will change people's lives is that the device is better for media consumption then whats out there. That doesn't mean that it is all anyone will do with it. The current iPhone app store has tonnes of very innovative ideas in it, some fail miserably, others succeed with flying colors (like brushes). I would imagine it will be the same way with the iPad

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RE: You consume...
by parrotjoe on Fri 2nd Apr 2010 05:18 in reply to "You consume..."
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ebasconp, I understand what you mean. But, I must go along with David Pogue and split this in two. Well, to put it in my own words, this is not a creative device - it is not not meant to be. I empathize with your statement in the larger sense, but your comment is not applicable to the iPad. It is solely a consumer product, lock, stock and barrel.

A couple of weeks ago here, posting about an article about the iPad, I said it was going to be huge. And I still think that. But, it has nothing to do with creativity. It has to do with what the consumer wants. They don't want what we want. To us, it is a gadget. To the public, it is gigantic.

We must realize, as I said in my post on the earlier article, this is the type of device we all longed for, back in the late '70's and 80's. I'm 58 years old. We so badly wanted the iPad then - the computer that required no real knowledge from the consumer. For years that's all we talked about. Now that it's here, we're crabbing about it. It is not for us, it is for them. We have to get that through our heads.

The iPad (and other similar devices) are not meant for the creative. It is meant for the masses.

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