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Graphics, User Interfaces "What if all software was open source? Anybody would then be able to add custom features to Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Apple iTunes or any other program. A University of Washington project may make this possible." Yeah I know, odd headline - couldn't find anything better.
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This almost happened
by zlynx on Thu 1st Apr 2010 17:40 UTC
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From what I recall reading, it almost became law that all software would need its source code registered for copyright protection. This was from before the US went to automatically granted copyright protection.

If the US had gone that other way, all source code would be available from the Library of Congress for anyone to read. That wouldn't make it "Open Source" for modification and redistribution but it would have been readable.

It would have been cool.

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RE: This almost happened
by MadRat on Fri 2nd Apr 2010 06:08 in reply to "This almost happened"
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It's a let down that this is not the case. There is nothing naive about having access to source. Just because the access is available doesn't mean the target audience has to be everyone. It could merely be stored in the Library of Congress under confidentiality clauses for something like 10 years. It would have made the progression of software with every revelation of source much more competitive in regards to performance, especially pushing programmers to do more at the binary level. It might even have fractured the hardware base in a good way, where there were many more options available to the public.

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