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Apple With the release day of the iPad fast approaching, it's time for the usual lucky few to shine their lights on Apple's new device. As usual, these first-hand reviews by blogging heavyweights are incredibly positive (with a few notable exceptions), and if they are correct in their predictions, then the iPad will change everything in computing.
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It has some major disadvantages. One person said it was for life, another as a simple computer. If you only have the wifi version you won't be able to do a lot with it unless you are at a hotspot. A lot of people are saying how its going to be media rich and have all the same applications but as someone with an ipod touch I know its fun at first but after a few months its flare will die down. Once you realize your not in a wifi area you understand how limited the device will become. Those apps will be near useless unless its a game or standalone app. As for reading books on it, ask yourself how much you spend on books a year and how much reading you actually do and if its worth the price of an iPad. The last thing is holding it. Its not a natural position to hold it and type, or rest on your lap and type. I think after a few months and that newness wears off people will start talking about the real usability of it.

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Perhaps you missed Apple's memo: while sure, you can carry it readily enough with the case, the fact that you have to pay extra for a 3G one which doesn't have a permanent long-term data plan also indicates clearly they expect it to be more of a single-location device: an appliance, that also happens to be rather portable, and one you can curl up with on the couch or in bed, to work in concert with other things around the house or office. Sure, you can use it for more, but that's really the main aim it is trying to fill. No, it's not a laptop: they aren't claiming that it is, and if they were, surely they'd just drop their laptop line now, wouldn't they?

Any device that tries to be all things to all people tends to have the success of the Ford Edsel. If you don't know about that car, well, look it up, there's a good reason for that ;) There was a Simpsons episode where Homer Simpson was asked to design a car: to me, it seemed like an Edsel spoof, and was a great bit of satire ;)

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