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Games That Sony is a company known for its rather... Unfortunate stance towards DRM and copyright infringement should come as no surprise to anyone, after they more or less crippled the MiniDisc format with DRM, installed rootkits on users' machines, and started removing features from the PlayStation 3. That last one doesn't seem to end well: George Hotz, the famous iPhone hacker and the first to crack the PS3's security, has vowed to bring Linux support back to the PS3.
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This is complete nonsense.

You buy the hardware with certain specifications so your the owner.
You can do what ever you want with it. If you'd create your own firmware it would be completely legal to put it on the is device.

You're confused with renting a product. That is indeed not yours. The advantage in this case with renting would be that you can cancel the contract right away as the changed the contract.
When you rent a product you're never the owner.

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