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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Engadget has managed to get hold of a very interesting internal presentation slide from Hewlett-Packard which compares Apple's iPad to HP's very own Slate. Since we didn't yet know anything about the Slate's specifications, this one is pretty revealing. While that's interesting in and of itself, the slide is also interesting in that it illustrates so well what sets Apple apart from companies like HP.
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Matt Giacomini
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I really hope you're being sarcastic. Otherwise, you are the first person I've ever met (online or otherwise) with anything nice to say about Compaq.

I was a Novell administrator when the Compaq ProLiant first came out. That server (at the time) was 2x the server in terms of reliability, management tools, and raid performance, of thing even near it's price range.

Compaq made some -very- solid mid range stuff back in the day.

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phoenix Member since:

The ProLiant servers were decent.

The Deskpro series of desktops weren't horrible, but weren't great. But the Presario line was pure, unadulterated crap.

Same for Compaq laptops: the consumer ones were absolute crap, some of the business ones were decent.

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jrichey_98 Member since:

Well before HP bought Compaq Presarios were 'the' computer to get. Sure were better than the lab full of Gateway 2000's we had. About one for every twenty warranty repairs on the Gateways, if that. I doubt very much Dell or IBM would have been any better.

After HP bought out Compaq I can't say on as massive a scale but I did prefer working on them to most other brand's as a bench tech. Parts were easy to get and replace without jumping through hoops, and they have the best warranty 'service' of any company.

Try handling warranty issues with any other company and you'll see the difference. Forget it if you have a nice high end sony, just trash it and buy a new computer. Of course I build all primary boxes but I've owned a few HP Presarios due to price, and I'd buy an HP for my mother.

Only company that's better if your a techie is Toshiba, because they'll just send you the part. They also don't inflate there warranty prices like all the others do so it's often cost effective to get a replacement part out of warranty, that makes a big difference for laptops. That said if you don't know what your doing they can be an absolute nightmare!

HP used to get a bad rap because of the volume. Been out of that industry for three years so thing's could be a bit dated by now but I was in it for a long time.

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