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Editorial A few years ago I wrote on OSNews several articles (1,2) about workstations. After three years I had to stop, because there were no workstations left on the market, they became legacy and were not sold any more. Now with the rise of mobile devices with touchscreen and wireless network connectivity virtually everywhere, the question becomes valid, what will happen with the desktop computers, are they still needed, or will they follow the workstations on their way to computer museums?
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Strange question
by Delgarde on Tue 6th Apr 2010 21:52 UTC
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A rather odd question, to my way of thinking. I use a high-end desktop at work, like most of my coworkers - there are a few with laptops because they need mobility, but most of us use high-spec workstations. And I use a desktop machine at home, because I couldn't get anything done on a small laptop keyboard and screen, nor can you get a decent spec laptop for anything near the price of an equivalent desktop.

I do own a laptop - a netbook, actually - but it's pretty much only used when traveling. Until such machines started coming out, buying a portable machine for a few weeks holiday a year just didn't make sense...

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