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Apple Today, Apple held a special press event at its campus in Cupertino during which it revealed and demonstrated the new features that are going into the fourth version of the iPhone operating system. The company focussed on 7 'tentpole' features, the most prominent of which is... Multitasking.
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Efficiency and functionality?
by bousozoku on Thu 8th Apr 2010 18:43 UTC
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While I'm not surprised that the first two generations aren't going to be multi-tasking, except for Apple's own applications, I'm reminded how an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 was running Version 7 UNIX. Still, Apple are making progress.

I'm sure someone will say that a hand held device requires the full gamut of multi-tasking, but if the user don't miss it, what's the difference (besides storage)?

It sounds as though they've gone a long way to find a contorted, yet efficient way to handle users' needs and provide consistency in other areas.

The only thing I could truly want is a more modular way of updating the operating system, so that a few security updates don't cause a 200+ MB download.

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