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Editorial Car analogies are quite popular on internet discussion forums, and ours is no exception. The problem with these analogies, however, is that they are usually quite flimsy, and a recent popular one is no exception. A number of people are now arguing that computer makers' move towards closed platforms (Apple, Sony, and so on) is akin to people no longer being able to service cars on their own. This analogy, which looks sound on a superficial level, breaks down when you spend more than five minutes contemplating it.
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If a "closed computer device" breaks (and it's not still under warranty); someone tells you the cost of labour plus the cost of parts adds up to more than the price of a new one; so you throw it in the bin and replace it with something twice as fast.

If it is still under warranty; you send it back and they take out any storage device/s. Then they throw it in the bin and send back a new one with your old storage device/s.

Cars are different - they actually are worth fixing.


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