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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Apple's current - and in our opinion, objectionable - position is now close to the complete opposite of its initial stance. From promoting openness and standards, the company is now pushing for an ever more locked-down and restricted platform. It's bad for competition, it's bad for developers, and it's bad for consumers. I hope that there will be enough of a backlash that the company is forced to reconsider, but with the draw of all those millions of iPhone (and now, iPad) customers, I fear that Apple's developers will, perhaps with some reluctance, just accept the restriction and do whatever Cupertino demands."
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RE: Maybe bad for consumers
by Junius on Sat 10th Apr 2010 13:19 UTC in reply to "Maybe bad for consumers"
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Although I agree that the average consumers couldn't care less about the internal politics of the companies they support in the same way that people here on OSNews do; I know a fair few iphone users who felt a bit ripped off when they realised their new gadget wasn't really as web friendly as it sounded. Like it or not (and I do not) flash is an integral part of the modern Internet.

Of course the techie consumers knew about this crippled web experience pretty much from the get go, so in this case it was only the 'normal' consumers that were affected.

I'm also fairly confident these same users will feel a bit more ripped off when they look at their techie mates' droids or something similar that have a lot of cool apps their apple devices just aren't allowed to have - basically because mother says no and she knows best.

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Most programmers I know have an iPhone and could care less about having root. They like the game selection and don't care about the price or being locked in the app store. It's actually a minority of techies that care about being able to load outside code. The majority of FOSS fanatics certainly want every device to be unlocked but your typical programmer is just like your typical professional who wants a phone for the installed functionality.

The app store is massive and most apps are under $5. It's not as if most iphone users are unsatisfied with the selection or price of the apps. Go suck some sour grapes if you are upset with consumers picking a device that doesn't contain your desired functionality. Devices like the iphone are targeted at the majority which in this case doesn't include you.

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