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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Apple's current - and in our opinion, objectionable - position is now close to the complete opposite of its initial stance. From promoting openness and standards, the company is now pushing for an ever more locked-down and restricted platform. It's bad for competition, it's bad for developers, and it's bad for consumers. I hope that there will be enough of a backlash that the company is forced to reconsider, but with the draw of all those millions of iPhone (and now, iPad) customers, I fear that Apple's developers will, perhaps with some reluctance, just accept the restriction and do whatever Cupertino demands."
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Apple promoted open standards...
by darknexus on Sat 10th Apr 2010 16:49 UTC
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as long as it was to their advantage to do so, and on the Mac it still is. After all, how else would they combat Microsoft in the eyes of many? The interesting thing is we have an odd split between the Mac and the iProduct line-up. The Mac, aside from the restriction concerning the OS X license, is actually a very open platform. You can write whatever you want, all APIs are documented, and it has a very strong open source foundation making it easier to port much of the foss ecosystem to it. This, I think, is a result of Apple's stance on openness at the time when it was very much to their advantage. Use open formats so as not to depend on Microsoft, and make yourself look like the good guys in the process. However, as with many people, they got a taste of being the dominant power and suddenly openness is far from an advantage. Now, being a corporation, they feel the need to maintain their position at any cost. In a way, it's the same thing that happened to Microsoft. The change, however, was much more drastic on Apple's part. They went from extremely closed (original Mac) to extremely open (OS X) and back again (iProducts), like a swinging pendulum. Apple, in their own way, are more schizophrenic as a company than Microsoft at times.
In the end though, maintaining a position at any cost usually does more harm to the one doing it, whether it be religion, political power, or corporation. I hope Apple will realize this and promote a more OS X-like state of openness in their other products. Somehow though, I think that's a pipe dream as long as His Steveness runs the show.

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