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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Apple's current - and in our opinion, objectionable - position is now close to the complete opposite of its initial stance. From promoting openness and standards, the company is now pushing for an ever more locked-down and restricted platform. It's bad for competition, it's bad for developers, and it's bad for consumers. I hope that there will be enough of a backlash that the company is forced to reconsider, but with the draw of all those millions of iPhone (and now, iPad) customers, I fear that Apple's developers will, perhaps with some reluctance, just accept the restriction and do whatever Cupertino demands."
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perfect marketing
by jimmystewpot on Sun 11th Apr 2010 01:10 UTC
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In many ways this is just another case of perfect marketing and fanbois basically promoting how awesome they are to be not using Windows.. The reality is that its created a group of loyal lemmings who will do anything for their loyal leader Steve Jobs. The reality is that all steve cares about is his personal vendettas and the stock price of apple. It's a well programmed (read brain washed) group of customers.

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