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Linux "To be clear about this article's intent, it's not to bash Microsoft, or Windows. Because to be fair, despite using Linux 95% of the time while I'm on the PC, I can find more faults with it than Windows. So, this article's goal is to highlight some of the major pluses of Linux, and also showcase where Windows could improve in the future, should Microsoft take heed of the suggestions."
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by wirespot on Sun 11th Apr 2010 01:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by tuma324"
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But if most people go to McDonalds even when your own hamburgers are free then you have problems that can't be blamed purely on taste.

It's not my (ie. Linux's) problem, it's theirs.

1) If people can't be bothered to look around for better alternatives and just take what's in front of them or what everybody else uses, they deserve what they get.

2) Linux is free and the people who make it largely don't know and don't care about who is using it. So I don't see how they can have a problem about people who don't use it.

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