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Linux "To be clear about this article's intent, it's not to bash Microsoft, or Windows. Because to be fair, despite using Linux 95% of the time while I'm on the PC, I can find more faults with it than Windows. So, this article's goal is to highlight some of the major pluses of Linux, and also showcase where Windows could improve in the future, should Microsoft take heed of the suggestions."
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RE: What about:
by PlatformAgnostic on Sun 11th Apr 2010 16:47 UTC in reply to "What about:"
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inodes - why do I care?

ttys - what advantage does this confer?

signals - These are difficult to program correctly. Windows has APCs which are very similar but are only delivered at specific control points, greatly improving the interface.

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RE[2]: What about:
by jabjoe on Tue 13th Apr 2010 08:21 in reply to "RE: What about:"
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I care about inodes. Files in Unix system are reference counted. By deleting a file, all you are doing is removing a reference. This means it's of no issue to delete/move/replace a file in use.

TTY gives you an easy communication channel. So for instance the SheevaPlug has a usb-tty that you can use to communicate with the boot loader. Then there is the virtual instances, if my desktop is being killed by some heavy task, I can give up on the GUI, and go to tty1 with Ctrl-Alt-F1, login and find out what is going on with the GUI or just restart it. In short the TTY system is big part of Unix command line. There are very useful character devices.

Signals are really useful in process control. Got to love 'kill -9' it has a much higher success rate the killtask or desperately trying to kill something in task manager.

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