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General Development Ms. Z. Arsenault is an IT consultant working in the depths of a large North American energy company. She's one of those brave souls who works away in the background, keeping the servers running, making sure all the pieces fall properly into place so when the employees wander in each morning their applications run as expected. It's often a busy job just keeping things on a steady path. But Ms. Arsenault and her team aren't just maintaining the status quo, they're also trying to improve performance and cut costs while maintaining a stable environment for the end user. This week I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Arsenault about what's she's been up to in the depths of corporate IT.
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I will risk it
by unvivid on Wed 14th Apr 2010 21:59 UTC
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OT and sexist--and will most likely be downranked to oblivion, but she is in my top 3 list for attractive women in (real) IT.

You have what I would call a solid philosophy on your migration. Our "company" is currently evaluating various OS software and contemplating migration of several non-critical departments to OS.

I wonder what growing pains have been encountered with these heterogeneous system.

The problem our company has encountered is the large number of proprietary apps REQUIRED by most of our critical departments. Best case scenario indicates some sort of bastardized domain and support system. So much for saving money when you spend it all on retraining your tier 1 and developers. Management promises to cut costs when we are literally doubling our support vectors.

[edit: because I can r have proper grammar]

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RE: I will risk it
by fretinator on Wed 14th Apr 2010 23:27 in reply to "I will risk it"
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As for your first sentence, you were not alone, just more vocal.

Anyhoo, my favorite part of the interview was her attention to documentation. That one feature is sorely missing in programmers, system admins, DBA's, etc. Many a catastrophe, night of wicked debugging, or mutilated migration could have been spared by a dose of documentation. All us geeks are probably nodding our heads, but do we really hear? It's part of being a professional.

'Nuff said.

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RE[2]: I will risk it
by lucas_maximus on Wed 14th Apr 2010 23:40 in reply to "RE: I will risk it"
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I got bolloxed at work for "wasting time" writing Javadocs today ... I kid you not.

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RE: I will risk it
by David on Thu 15th Apr 2010 01:25 in reply to "I will risk it"
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On the other hand, if you pose for a glamour shot to accompany your interview, then I guess it's not a problem if the readers notice that you're attractive.

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RE[2]: I will risk it
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 15th Apr 2010 05:14 in reply to "RE: I will risk it"
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I'm not saying this particular lady does so, but I believe that if you're an attractive woman (or man), then there's no shame whatsoever in using that asset to gain an advantage. If men are stupid enough to get wrapped around fingers (and we are), then that's our fault, not hers.

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RE[2]: I will risk it
by jessesmith on Thu 15th Apr 2010 14:22 in reply to "RE: I will risk it"
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You have a point there.... except in this case the photograph wasn't taken for the interview. Sadly, I'm not that good of a photographer.

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by MeatAndTaters on Thu 15th Apr 2010 05:42 in reply to "I will risk it"
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Yes, it is terribly sexist of you. This is OSNews, where we deal with 1's and 0's, and not much else matters. A person should be taken seriously based solely on competence, and it's pathetic that you'd rank her by her looks. It's out of place and inappropriate.

Also, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Add some Sarah Palin glasses and a margarita?

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RE: I will risk it
by SpeechManiac on Thu 15th Apr 2010 15:26 in reply to "I will risk it"
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" 3 list..."

Yes, quite cute - but if you really want to meet beautiful IT women, pick a company (in the US that is), which specializes in Women's apparel - who you'll meet there in IT will simply blow your head off: beautiful, educated IT specialists, and your competition is gay or married...

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