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General Development Ms. Z. Arsenault is an IT consultant working in the depths of a large North American energy company. She's one of those brave souls who works away in the background, keeping the servers running, making sure all the pieces fall properly into place so when the employees wander in each morning their applications run as expected. It's often a busy job just keeping things on a steady path. But Ms. Arsenault and her team aren't just maintaining the status quo, they're also trying to improve performance and cut costs while maintaining a stable environment for the end user. This week I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Arsenault about what's she's been up to in the depths of corporate IT.
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RE: Taller people make more money.
by spiderman on Thu 15th Apr 2010 14:53 UTC in reply to "Taller people make more money."
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It's true. Taller people make more money. It's not their fault they are taller. It's not their fault they make more money. It's the Personnel department and the tall person's bosses that decide how much they make.

We ALL use what we have to make more money. If we have low self esteem it works against us. That's just fact.

I'm tall and I could go to my boss and threaten to beat him because I'm obviously stronger than him. That could make me more money indeed, but I don't.
In my country, there is a law that an employer is obligated to consider anonymous resumes. You can send your resume with no picture and no name and he has to consider it. If he receives someone with lower qualifications for an interview but not you because you didn't send your picture, you can sue. There are also a set of 18 attributes he has no right to discriminate against, including gender and physical appearance. You can also sue if he discriminates for other attributes that are not related to the job.

Unfortunately, it does still happen. I'm sorry but that's just not acceptable. You can not say "that's life" and get along with that. That behavior is to be condemned and the perpetrators should face the consequences of their judgment. Look at what happened in the last century. If you let it slip, it slips. First the bad looking people, then the old people, then the disabled, and then it's you. Any discrimination based on something not related to the job should be reported and condemned.

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