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Intel "A laptop with Light Peak built-in was shown off during Kahn's speech, where a single cable was used simultaneously to transmit Blu-ray video, a feed from a high-definition camera and a duplication of the laptop's display onto another screen. What's more, the Light Peak cable was plugged into the laptop through a tweaked USB 3.0 port with components added to receive the optical signal while still being able to accept normal USB 3.0 devices. "
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by twitterfire on Thu 15th Apr 2010 18:12 UTC
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One high speed universal interface that hopefully will replace all others. The only question is when it will become mainstream?

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RE: Nice
by Praxis on Fri 16th Apr 2010 03:13 in reply to "Nice"
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Probably as soon as Intel starts pushing it. Intel has a lot of sway with the hardware manufacture and is a large hardware manufacturer. Plus this is a fairly nifty standard that has a lot of value. As long as the costs aren't too high I would not be surprised if this becomes ubiquitous on new PC within a couple years of it commercial release.

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