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Legal Another article on intellectual property enforcement? Yes, since I consider this to be the most important struggle technology has to face over the coming decade. We already know that content providers don't care one bit about hard-fought concepts like freedom and privacy, but the joint proposals by the RIAA and MPAA to the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator really blew my brains out: monitoring software installed on people's computers, border inspections - it's all there, and then some.
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RE: Mandatory Internet Filters
by Murrell on Fri 16th Apr 2010 01:57 UTC in reply to "Mandatory Internet Filters"
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"...mandatory internet filters already in place in New Zealand..."

Speaking as a New Zealander*; No, we don't.

An ISP can optionally implement transparent proxying via the Department of Internal Affairs where if the IP a user is connecting to is on a banned list, the user will be redirected to a non-logged warning page.

A better explanation is here;

At least one major ISP refuses to implement this system;

Now, I think this is a terrible system for both technical and political reasons, but it's not mandatory, the technical details are not a secret, and my Internet connection is not filtered. Getting major points wrong makes you sound like a idiot at best, and a nut at worst, and only makes it to discount you and other privacy advocates.

* Your comments may apply to Australia. However, New Zealand is entirely separate country to Australia, separated by about 2000km (1300miles) of ocean. (Just in case anyone was unsure)

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To add to this (speaking as an Australian); no Australians (excluding a few stupid paedophiles) actually care about Australia's IP filtering.

Smart paedophiles can probably get around the filter. More importantly it's much much harder for people (including voter's children) to accidentally go to a site containing (and even promoting) child porn.

It doesn't effect anything else (including all other types of porn, guides to making explosives in your bathroom, racist or homophobic stuff, etc).

Most people who do complain about Australia's IP filtering are actually Americans. They make the mistake of assuming that our government is run by idiotic crackpots (like theirs).

Basically, if the American government was running Australia's IP filtering I'd be very worried (but thankfully they aren't).

- Brendan

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