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IBM IBM has dropped its three remaining claims of patent infringement in a lawsuit against the SCO Group, which originally sued Big Blue in March 2003 over claims it broke a Unix licensing contract by moving technology to Linux.
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RE: IBM Drops Patent Suit Against SCO
by on Sat 8th Oct 2005 16:33 UTC in reply to "IBM Drops Patent Suit Against SCO"

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Right, the countersuit was meant from day one as PR, there's no actual value in persuing it, they got the headlines, no sense in throwing time and money after it now

Ummm, hello people. IBM didn't drop their whole countersuit. They dropped their patent countersuit. They still have counterclaims for Breach of Contract, Copyright Infringement, Lanham Act Violations, Tortious Interference with Business Partners and numerous others. These are still going to be litigated, it is simply the patent counterclaims that are being dropped.

IBM would be completely f--king mad to drop all of their counterclaims. The entire reason they counterclaimed is so that no company like SCO ever tries this against IBM again. Plus, their 10th and 9th counterclaims are important, as they ask for a declaration that Linux and AIX don't infringe SCO's copyrights.

Could you people read the article please before making stupid comments? Is it really so much to ask?

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