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IBM IBM has dropped its three remaining claims of patent infringement in a lawsuit against the SCO Group, which originally sued Big Blue in March 2003 over claims it broke a Unix licensing contract by moving technology to Linux.
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RE[4]: expediting the process
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What "IP that is valuable"?

SCO bought a distributorship for UNIX from Novell. They own any changes that they've made since, but not the original code. Even the ownership of the original UNIX code is in doubt; see the BSD lawsuit for details. AT&T and Novell collected rent for UNIX because everyone knew that it was cheaper to pay than to go to court and sort out who owns what.

SCO also owns the Vultus products, but they've written that purchase off. So either that IP is worthless, or they lied to the SEC.

The old SCO had good sales channels, which is why Caldera bought that part of SCO. Existing customers could continue the UNIX business while it was gradually replaced with Linux. But the new management killed the Linux business and scared the hell out of the old UNIX customers, who are ALL at least making transition plans now. Many have already moved on, some have been sued by TSG, making it an obvious no-brainer that this is a company that it is dangerous to do business with.

Where are the SCO patents? Where are the SCO copyrights? For that matter, where is the evidence to support SCO's charges?

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