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OSNews, Generic OSes Dan Hon makes a thought-provoking assertion in his blog: remember all the ridiculous, unrealistic computer interfaces that Hollywood characters are always using, showing "hackers" infiltrating systems by flying through virtual reality worlds of strange codes, and cutesy animations accompanying every task? Hon's point is that instead of ridiculing these unrealistic interfaces, maybe we should try to emulate them. He makes a pretty good case.
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MovieOS also seems to make extensive use of passwords and encryption, but is still easily hackable.

They are not easily hackable, that's the password recovery feature.

Doesn't it suck when you forget your password and get locked out because you provided false data you can't remember?

MovieOS helps and entertains you with a game of hangman and infinite lives. What I don't get is why it always takes the "hacker" so long. He probably is brute-forcing it by typing.

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Not easily crack ?
Have you seen the movie "sword fish" ???
The hacker crack the system while a gun is pointing to his head and a girl giving him a blow job.

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1024 bit, no less; using nothing but randomly guessing passwords at a password prompt. Because, as we all know, hackers are really really good at guessing highly improbable things.

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