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Linux Learn how to use inotify functions for a simple monitoring app. Download the sample code and Use inotify when you need efficient, fine-grained, asynchronous monitoring of Linux file system events. Use it for user-space monitoring for security, performance, or other purposes.
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True, and IIRC kqueue was added to Mac OS X a few years ago as well. What ever the case maybe, I don't want to start a flame war but it seems that in the Linux world very little time is paid to logically planing something - instead there seems to be a haphazard approach of throwing things against the wall and seeing which one sticks. It may get able to get the features into the operating system quickly but in the long run when many are dependent on it there are problems. HAL is the best example of a noble idea turned into a horrible frankstein and it has been almost a year since libudev been pushed as an alternative and still many projects are reliant on HAL.

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