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Amiga & AROS I really wonder how I missed this one. While I'm sure most of you have already been playing this, I only discovered it a few days ago and have been hooked ever since. It's called Digital: A Love Story, and it's an interactive story set in 1988, written/created by Christine Love. The interface of the game is the Amiga Workbench, and you progress through the story by reading, replying, and hacking BBSs using your modem.
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RE: What crap
by Raffaele on Sat 17th Apr 2010 08:53 UTC in reply to "What crap"
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It doesn't look or act much like AmigaOS at all. A simple 5 minutes research would have revealed this to the developers. eg. titlebars are wrong, gadgets are wrong, menus are missing, etc. Also, it's grossly bloated.

Well, I think they made this to avoid Copyrights Infrangements...

The interface is SIMILAR to that of Amiga but it is not really a true reply of the real Amiga interface.

BTW, seems to me strange that they used standard fonts for the BBS program too...

Terminal & BBS programs on Amiga had their own screen interface with their colors and fonts that were usually far better than the Amiga system fonts and were more readable when staying various times connected to BBS.

@ ALL...

Yes calling BBS phone numbers again and again was a pain in the as* in the real world too, either on Amiga and on PC, but you could automate the process by adding shortcuts with the name of the BBS and their phone numbers and just click on the BBS name link, then the modem had been instructed to call the correct phone number automatically and align to correct parameters 8,N,1 or 7,E,1 (Bits, parity, stop bit) depending from BBS settings.

Sure, unlike ADSL, you couldn't call once and stay connected forever. It was private number to private nmber connection upon normal phone line (BBS were held by privates) and after a certain time usually you were disconnected to leave other people the free to connect themselves.

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